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Real Estate Transactions

We can help you with your residential or commercial real estate transaction needs. Todd, Barron, Thomason, Hudman, Bebout, & Rodriguez, P.C. represents both buyers and sellers in connection with their residential and commercial real estate transactions, providing services such as the preparation of contract of sale and purchase, deeds, notes, deeds of trust, leases and related real estate transaction documents. We can handle any type of real estate transaction, commercial or residential, from start to finish including examining title to the property and the securing of a title insurance policy.

Key Aspects of Real Estate Law

  • Property transactions, where our real estate attorney will assist clients in (1) buying or selling properties by, for example, reviewing and drafting purchase agreements and ensuring that the terms are clear, legal, and protective of our clients' interests; or (2) negotiating and drafting lease agreements for residential and commercial properties, including addressing terms, conditions, and potential disputes.
  • Land use and zoning, where our real estate lawyer will navigate local regulations and zoning laws to ensure that properties are used in compliance with municipal ordinances – we can also assist clients in obtaining necessary permits and approvals for development projects.
  • Title issues, where our real estate attorney conducts title searches to ensure that a property has a clear title, free from encumbrances or disputes, and depending on the latter, will resolve title issues for a smooth property transaction.
  • Property disputes, where our real estate attorney helps resolve conflicts related to property boundaries, easements, access rights, and other issues, and represents clients in negotiations, mediations, or litigation if necessary.
  • Financing and mortgages, where our real estate lawyer assists our clients in understanding and navigating the financing process and will also review mortgage documents, negotiate financing terms, and ensure compliance with lending laws.
  • Contracts and agreements, where we draft, review, and negotiate contracts, including agreements between buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, and other relevant parties.
  • Due diligence, where our real estate attorney conducts due diligence on behalf of our clients, investigating the legal and financial aspects of a property, including examining property records, survey reports, and other relevant documents.
  • Litigation, where, in cases of disputes that cannot be resolved through negotiation or mediation, our real estate attorney may represent clients in court to litigate issues related to breach of contract, property damage, or another real estate-related matter.
  • Regulatory compliance, where our real estate lawyer helps our clients stay informed and in compliance with federal, state, and local real estate laws and regulations.

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Regardless of whether you are entering into a new real estate transaction, managing properties, or disputing the terms of a real estate agreement, our real estate lawyer at Todd, Barron, Thomason, Hudman, Bebout, & Rodriguez, P.C. can advocate and represent your interests. The laws governing real estate are interrelated and complex, but we will guide you through the process and explain all legal options so that you make informed decisions. Contact us today at 432-363-2100 to schedule a Consultation. 

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