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Commercial & Civil Litigation

What is Litigation?

Litigation is a legal process involving two or more parties who need to resolve a dispute through the court system. It typically involves one party (the plaintiff) seeking damages or specific remedies from another party (the defendant) for alleged wrongdoings, like a breach of contract, personal injury, or property dispute.

The parties in a litigation matter can be individuals or entities, like private citizens or residents, public officials, private businesses, non-profits, or government agencies. 

Whether you are facing a legal dispute, considering legal action, or seeking representation, the Todd Law Firm will help you successfully resolve disputes with clarity and purpose. The first step of that process, however, is understanding the process. Our litigators help clients understand and participate in the litigation process to the extent it serves their best interests. We believe informed clients make the best decisions for themselves and their stakeholders. 

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At Todd, Barron, Thomason, Hudman, Bebout, & Rodriguez, P.C. we are committed to providing you with sound legal advice and representation tailored to your needs. If you have specific questions or require legal assistance with a civil dispute in Texas, reach out to our litigation attorneys by calling us at 432-363-2100 to schedule a Consultation. Your legal rights and interests are our priority. 

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